Colorado Springs and Points Beyond
August 27 - September 1, 2001


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Page 1
 Griffy and Van 

griffy and van on trail.jpg (126674 bytes)

Page 2
 Griffy on Mt Evans 

griffy mt evans 2.jpg (108832 bytes)
Page 3
 Griffy and Pikes Peak 

griffy and pikes peak.jpg (127630 bytes)
Page 4
Steep Slope 

griffy jumps over rocks.jpg (94975 bytes)
Page 5
Steep Slope 2 

griffy_steep_hike_above_creek.jpg (70888 bytes)
Page 6
The Creek Below 

griffy overlooks creek.jpg (118711 bytes)
Page 7
 Griffy Crosses Creek 

griffy crosses creek 1a.jpg (103403 bytes)
Page 8
 Griffy Crosses Bridge 

griffy_crosses_bridge.jpg (79926 bytes)
Page 9
 Griffy Photo Op 

griffy_poses.jpg (54487 bytes)
Page 10
Drink Time 

griffy gets a drink 1.jpg (93116 bytes)
Page 11
Mt Evans Summit 

griffy_mt_evans_summit.jpg (21497 bytes)
Page 12
I Can't Look 

griffy_cant_look_down.jpg (47015 bytes)
Page 13
 Griffy Meets Jake 

griffy_meets_jake.jpg (45872 bytes)
Page 14
The Lake Below 

griffy looks at lake.jpg (100578 bytes)
Page 15
Is That Griffy? 

mountain goat.jpg (44590 bytes)
Page 16
What's That? 

griffy what's that.jpg (107067 bytes)
Page 17
 Griffy and Gatsby 

griffy_and_gatsby.jpg (52931 bytes)
Page 18
Two More Friends 

griffy and fuzzy.jpg (126359 bytes)
Page 19
Garden of the Gods 

griffy_garden_of_gods_2.jpg (28295 bytes)
Page 20
Garden of the Gods 2 

griffy garden of gods.jpg (76678 bytes)
Page 21
Running with Shaggy 

griffy runs with shaggy.jpg (43046 bytes)
Page 22
 Griffy Wrestles 

griffy ducks.jpg (99421 bytes)
Page 23
Jab and Weave 

griffy jab and weave.jpg (85685 bytes)
Page 24
Try to Catch Me 

griffy chased by dogs.jpg (83108 bytes)
Page 25
 Griffy Closes In 

griffy_closes_in.jpg (28322 bytes)
Page 26
Fearsome Foursome 

griffy foursome.jpg (92286 bytes)
Page 27
It Went Up There 

griffy looks up tree.jpg (89668 bytes)


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